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Covid-19 Information
We provide a loving and comforting shelter for our patients who wish to receive the care they need in a residential facility.

The Caring Crew offers a residential facility to provide shelter to patients who are experiencing certain health conditions that limits them to perform several tasks on their own. Living in a residential assisted living facility allows them to receive the level of care they need within a nurturing environment conducive for recovery, healing, and rehabilitation.

Patients are regularly monitored by healthcare professionals to ensure that they are in their best health possible. They are also given the opportunity to foster independence and social skills by participating in stimulating activities and building friendships within the facility. Rest assured that each patient we care about is provided with an individualized treatment plan that maximized their potential while keeping them abreast of their progress.

We accept most major insurance plans for your convenience. This way, we can help lessen the financial stress you and your family are facing.

We accept Medicare, Private Pay, and CADI Waivers.

You can set an appointment with our care coordinators so we can further discuss your needs and concerns. Feel free to call us at 763-222-9503 for inquiries.